With a variety of lines, Marrtinaa jewellery ranges from understated, to strong and elaborate; there is something for every look, outfit, sensibility, mood, and stage of life.

Marrtinaa works with a variety of stones; onyx, aquamarines, tourmalines, lapris lazuli, citrine, peridot, amethyst, agate, jasper, quartz, jade, and amber are just some of her favourites. These stones not only contribute to the visual design, but also bring spiritual healing properties to the wearer.

Marrtinaa frequently uses pearls in her creations. She sets them in an interesting and dramatic manner, rather than using them in the usual ‘conservative’ manner.

When it comes to the combinations of colours used in each necklace, inspiration is drawn from nature, and the myriad of combinations that are witnessed in the wild.

In each necklace, Marrtinaa uses a variety of symbols from around the world. Her pieces are truly global, and emphasise a world with no borders or boundaries. The symbols tell a story; there is a narrative within each necklace.

‘Contrast’ is a recurring theme in the designs. Like life itself, it is the variety of opposing ideas, colours, shapes, and forces, which provides depth to the tapestry of Marrtinaa jewellery.

Bold, dramatic, stunning and elaborate. These necklaces make strong statements with large stones and symbols. They are truly mesmerising, and ‘make’ the outfit.

Bold, dramatic, strong, elaborate, distinctive.

Marrtinaa Slim – Marrtinaa Slim is an understated version of the Marrtinaa line. These necklaces tell the same stories, but in a subtler, less dramatic, and more muted way. While similar colours and symbols are utilised, the stones are generally smaller and more spaced out, while the symbols are scaled down, making the necklace less heavy and prominent.

Understated, modest, elegant, delicate, unique.

Marrtinaa Symbols – The collection of symbols utilised within the necklaces are available as individual pieces in the Marrtinaa Symbols range. Marrtinaa draws inspiration from her experiences to create an impressive array; from classic, religious, and political symbols, to representations from nature, street scenes, city environments, and other images of everyday life. All are impeccably crafted in sterling silver.  

The Symbols can be worn simply as single pendants, clusters of pendants, or perhaps on charm bracelets. The options are infinite! They make great gifts, and can be collected over the years.

Classic, religious, political, representations of everyday life.

Marrtinaa Kids – Marrtinaa Children is a subset range of symbols, drawn from the Marrtinaa Symbols range. They are redesigned to be smaller and more delicate than the adult versions. The range allows mothers and daughters to bond, sharing ideas and stories, and make treasured gifts at birth’s, baptisms and birthdays.

Petite, sweet, delicate, collectable.

  • Peace
  • Water
  • Feelings
  • Shanti
  • Little Ganesha
  • Praying Beads
  • Aum
  • Positive Spirit
  • Windmill
  • The Journey
  • Divinity
  • Melting Pot
  • The Tear
  • The Common Man
  • Nature
  • The Gods
  • Navratri
  • Lord Buddha