With over ten years experience in designing and producing contemporary jewellery, Marrtinaa is a renowned name in boutique jewellery circles. Originally from Germany, she has lived in Asia over the last three decades, and draws much of her inspiration from her experiences of the world; people, places, sights, sounds, and stories are all reflected in her designs. Her ten years in Mumbai, India, has heavily influenced her outlook, and has brought her the immense spirituality that comes through in her work.   

Spiritualism is an important element of Marrtinaa’s jewellery. She believes that a focus on one’s inner self is increasingly important in the globalised world in which we live. The symbols she uses in her necklaces often represent important elements in life, while each of the stones connects us with the earth through their mineral properties.

Each of Marrtinaa’s designs is unique; an eclectic combination of semi-precious stones, silver, and pearls. Like the pattern of life, there is no symmetry in her designs which are ever changing and evolving. Each piece is an expression which draws the attention of others, initiates conversations, and draws compliments.

Marrtinaa acquires most of her materials from Rajasthan, India. Each of the stones she uses are hand chosen and of the highest quality. She only uses 925 sterling silver in her designs. The quality of craftsmanship is impeccable, and evident in the final pieces, from the silverwork, to the stringing, to the cut of the stones.

Marrtinaa’s designs appeal to the international woman - educated, well travelled, elegant, adventurous, and searching for the unknown and exotic. The designs may be bold or understated, but with Marrtinaa’s wide selection, a bond is guaranteed. With clients in Stockholm, Hamburg, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, and Mumbai, the global appeal of her designs is continuously demonstrated.

Like the women she designs for, Marrtinaa’s pieces are beautiful, unique and inspiring. Her designs truly speak for themselves.